Tuesday, July 10, 2007

202 Clonliffe Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 3

Ooooh. This is a real nice one. Not sure if its Drumcondra or Ballybough, but I've been reliably informed that 'Ballybough' is vanishing off the face of the earth these days with estate agent imperialism-speak, and this gaf is closer to the Quinns pub end of Clonliffe Road anyway. Its next door to some sort of religious order building, so maybe thats why nobody is living there. I wanted to have a peek at it a couple of weeks back but there were some buzzies having some cans and works at the ground floor level flat (also boarded up). Its got a lovely long driveway (littered with cans, suitcases, plastic bags, a few needles, and some mature trees) leading up to the house. The gaf itself is large and stretches a good bit back, you can see a return from the car park of the religious place. Just above the front door though there's a large crack snaking its way up the front of the building. Nothing that couldnt be repaired though. With a bit of landscaping the garden could be nice, other houses in the same strip have big grassy patches in front of them, very pleasing indeed.

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