Monday, July 16, 2007

142 Navan Road, Dublin 7

This is one of a few small cottages near the junction of the Navan Road and the Nephin Road. I guess you could call it Cabra but people just generally refer to anything north of that junction as the Navan Road. The other cottages behind are called the Roosevelt Cottages, so that name might warrant further investigation, although I dont recall any American president ever claiming to have ancestry near Cabra.. This house doesnt look too bad from the front, apart from the plastic sheeting taped up over the smashed glass on the front door, but if you go around the back, all the windows are boarded up and graffiti'd on (and I'll happily post some extra pictures of it up once I get more to grips with the blogging technology, forgive my ignorance), and the generously sized back garden is heavily overgrown with tall weeds. The cottage itself isnt that big, possibly two bedrooms, with a small kitchenette extension out the back, and would be a decent home for a small family. The stepped entrance down to the front door with the gate is a nice touch. There's a planning application stuck up on the side wall by a Michael McGarty, but the date has faded from it with age. The application was for alterations and an extension, but what possibly got turned down was the request for vehicular access from the Navan Road. The house is right next to a bus stop, and its hard to see how this could be altered so a driveway could be constructed. Its still no reason to let the house fall into disrepair though...

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