Friday, July 20, 2007

134 Navan Road, Dublin 7

You'd nearly miss this one because its surrounded on all sides by very mature trees. Its right up the road from the previous entry, and again just on the corner of the Nephin Roadand the Navan Road. Its a big, detached house on a corner site, with a large (overgrown) garden, and a small shed to the side with vehicular access from the Navan Road. I seem to remember the entire site being for sale recently within the last two years maybe, billed as "development potential", so its quite possible the whole house will be knocked and some low-rise apartments built on it. There's no planning permission notice up as yet but I wouldnt be surprised if one popped up soon. The rest of the area is all 2-storey semi-detached houses so any high rise development would probably encounter local opposition. If you hop the front gate, and walk around the back of the house, you can access the garage via a back entrance. You can also see a couple of accessible open windows around the back, so for junkies and squatters its pure bingo - the only drawback to this of course is that its right across the road from Cabra Garda Station. The photos below (very tricky getting the hang of this) are from the sitting room, the back door (note the open bathroom window), and the inside of the workshop/shed next door to the house. ** update ** This house is known locally as "Cabra Farm", and I really should have seen the sign with this name when I was hopping over the front gate. There's a planning application in the works for a 7-storey apartment block on the site. Thanks to P for the info.


Cormac said...

Great blog mate, really interesting stuff. Know anything about the seemingly derelict massive factory down near Grand Canal Dock? Was gonna spin by there after work, see if I can hop in.

Derelict Dublin said...

Thanks for that, dont really know the southside all that well to be honest,
if you get any pix or have a piece to write about the factory then send it
on and we'll stick it up. I'm really busy with other stuff at the moment but in Sept should have a bit more time to document more derelict spots.

Tonya said...

get a life lads,this house is 2 doors away from my family home many moons ago,the people that owned this also owned the petrol station on cabra road(reids garage)very grand people,never said hello to the peasants,day before i left for australia 20may this house was demolished.hope you were not in it :-]

Jonathan Fox said...

This house belonged to my maternal Great Aunt & Uncle. Cabra farm stretched all the way down Nephin road to Blackhorse Avenue and across to Skreen Road in one direction and all the way up to Cabra convent in the other direction. The owners of this land were the Reid family.