Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 Buckingham Street, Summerhill, Dublin 1

I think it comes from reading too much Paul Williams articles in the Sunday Wuddled back in the day, but for some reason, and its only on this street, I get a little panicked when taking photos of buildings on Buckingham Street. I seem to have it in my head that every building on the street is owned by Gerry Hutch, who upon seeing me photographing one of his properties, will have me 'disappeared' for a few hours in the back room of some snooker club or windowless pub with a few guys well trained in the black art of fingernail pulling.

Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if I got to ride in the Hummer limo on the way to the venue.

Actually, I hate that fucking car. It would only add to the torture.

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