Sunday, August 31, 2008

This blog.

A friend of mine said to me before that "when you get older, you become what you hate". From reading this blog, you might think that here at Derelict Dublin, from our continual harping on about the causes and effects of dereliction in the city, that we hated the process and visible results of it. Far from it! It gives us something to bitch about and makes us open our eyes when we're wandering around the city. But, as you may have noticed in recent months, the level of postings has decreased dramatically. The blog itself has become neglected, unkempt, a bit of an eyesore. Much like many of the buildings described within.

So what's caused this then? Call it a general malaise. We're growing tired of this city, and recently having visited two other urban centres where the energy and noise (and sunshine) far exceeded anything that this miserable little place could generate. Its time to vacate the premises and move on somewhere else. There are many other derelicts we've come across which have been photographed and sniffed around, but never felt the need to document here. We'll see what happens with our new residence; whether it lives up to expectations. We might be back here sooner than we think. But hopefully not. Dublin is boring now. Even the recession is boring. We cant listen or read another article about how its somehow the 80's all over again. Give us a break. And when the recession is over (its all boom/bust/boom/bust, thats how capitalist economies go) its not as if somehow all the idiots in the city will have changed. They'll all be back in Dundrum en masse as if it never happened. For many it wont have anyway.

So thats all folks. We'll leave this blog here, vacant and decaying, as a little momento/historical archive for googlers to stumble across, but dont expect any updates any time soon. Over and out.


John said...

Pity to abandon it just like that.
Go and see deralct London blog.

G.Bird said...

Your blog is pretty amazing, it has exactly the sort of information I'm looking for! I was actually hoping to e-mail you to ask you a few question but sorry I'm new here and can't seem to figure out how. I'm in art college doing a project on derelict buildings and tryin to find one to access is pretty hard I was hoping to get some advice.
Hope to hear back from you soon.

Janine said...

Say it aint so! You've lost that loooooooving feeling, woha, that loving feeling.Hope you find what your looking for xx