Monday, April 28, 2008

Ballymun Road (St. Pappins Road junction), Glasnevin, Dublin 9

I guess its symptomatic of the blandness of todays students that a big derelict house can sit next to a university (DCU) with no sign of students either trying to squat it for housing - or even just break into it for a free place to have some sort of a wild booze and coke fuelled party with proper sexual experiences progressing beyond heavy digital petting during freshers week. I guess they dont need to crack out a crowbar seeing as how they all seem to be flush with cash. There isnt even any graffitti on the house! I just dont believe the stories that USI come out with these days when they say university students have it hard. All of them seem to be swanning around town in astronomically priced gear from the likes of Urban Outfitters that make me cry into my can of Dutch Gold when my pay cheque arrives. When I was a student (oh great, here we go, I hear you say) all anyone did was speed - the poor man's coke. Now everyone seems to do the rich man's coke - coke. This house is right next to the bus stop on the Ballymun Road entrance to DCU, the long avenue that hugs the north side of Hampstead Park. The house may be called Albert College House, but I cant be sure. No number on it. The estate to the rear of this house (a gate at the rear of the house opens into the housing estate) is called Albert College. Looks nice and spacious, as much as I can ascertain with the windows and doors completely boarded up and blocking my view that is... with an ample garden still in good condition not needing much hacking, slashing, and burning. Only one or two beer cans dumped in the hedges - and no used condoms! Hmm. Maybe students are actually studying these days.

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