Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 and 9 Luttrellstown Glade, Diswellstown, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15

Mirror images of each other in the distant, distant suburbs. Took a bit of time to find these two (thanks to B for the info). Buried in the depths of suburban commuter-ville, this is the type of place that features in the news because: the kids dont have a place in the local school, the buses and/or trains are crammed to the gills for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening with local reps crying out for more (yet empty the rest of the time), or featuring in some wanky lifestyle piece by McWilliams about decklanders, dinkys, or whatever compartmentalisations he's dreamt up this week. These two spacious three (probably) beds are in a nicer part of the city, tagging itself with the Castleknock moniker even though its nowhere near it. Probably worth about three quarters, so why empty? Cant understand it. There was a little field next to them with a couple of cars up on bricks, maybe this may have scared off any timid owners - regrettably the memory card on the camera was full so I didnt get a pic of these, and there's no way I'm going all the way out there again. So still a bit of a mystery, especially since both of them at the end of the road are empty. Looks like from the lock on the back door of one of them that somebody was trying to make their way in with a crowbar, but didnt get very far. There's nothing in either house anyway. The area is very boring. Its probably influenced this boring post.

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