Sunday, September 23, 2007

York Street Buildings, York Street, Dublin 2 (RIP)

Some more old mobile phone pix dug up from the archives, these were taken approximately two years ago before these buildings were demolished. I really liked these buildings, and even though they were done in the old 'tenement' style, they were actually much more modern than that.. although I am unsure exactly what year they were built in. One of the pix shows a plaque on the frontage stating that the buildings had undergone a facelift/renovation in 1991, but obviously within 15 years they were deemed unliveable and have now all been knocked. I think the RCSI bought the last two buildings off the Corpo, the two that were adjacent to the RCSI itself (the end closer to St Stephen's Green), and this injection of cash funded the current building that is going on there. The new units will all be social and affordable housing as far as I know. Shame they didnt keep the facade of the existing one though. Adios!


Austin Lysaght said...

bollox - wish i;d found this blog 2 weeks ago.

On the corner of Patrick St (take a right as you pass the cathedral) there;s a load of old bric-a-brac type shops - 1950s shopfronts intact - that were torn down last week.

Some may still be there.

Also, Cork Street is your friend. Follow that road around to the left and prepare to be amazed at the dereliction...

National Disgrace said...

Shit, that's where the Nolan School of Music is?