Sunday, August 12, 2007

3, 4 Prospect Square, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Right next door to one of the best pubs in town, the Gravediggers, right outside an entrance to Glasnevin Cemetary. The pub itself is OK, would I be right in thinking that they only dragged themselves into the 1950's recently with the installation of a phone in the bar? Not sure if this is urban legend or what. How exactly would they have organised deliveries to the place? What makes it a good spot for me is the little green outside the front. When the weather is fine, there's a small sun trap there into the evenings, and you can bring your pints outside for some slightly more expensive than usual knacker drinking.

As for these two small houses next door to the pub, not sure about ownership or potential future plans. Possibly they might belong to the pub, because when I was taking photos of them at around midday on a midweek day, just as I was heading off on the bike a few grouchy looking punters (pints in hand, who are all these fuckers drinking during the day? Can I have your job please?) and a couple of bar staff emerged from the gloom, shooting me some serious evil eye, pointing fingers and muffled comments. They did a Cross Guns Bridge job on these houses - some cosmetic changes, but they're still on the verge of collapse, check out the roof. The "windows" and "doors" are actually cleverly painted panels. Its probably so the properties dont get put on the Derelict Sites Register, and hence subject to a percentage fine of the market value every year. I think its 4%. Check out the "front door" - wait a minute, there's no handle or keyhole!

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